Mr E Bear is located in a cave in Scotland. Influenced by the noises around him he began to construct songs in search of the perfect “hit.”

Armed with a guitar (and anything else he can make a noise with) he put his paws to task and came up with the audible delights you hear now. He is an audio dealing bear who will get you hooked.

“Catchy hooks – pure pop” – Musik Magazine Blog

“Snappy, catchy and anthemic” – Adam of Sounds Good Blog

“Frank, direct and charming – a catchy little number” – Words For Music Blog

A limited run of his latest EP “Please Listen Responsibly” is for sale at HMV Livingston. Featured on Jim Gellatly’s Amazing Radio Show, regularly featured on Michael Lennie’s First Play Friday at Rocksport Radio (DAB) and also featured on Indiemono’s Indie Summer 2019 + Alternative 2019 playlists on Spotify.

At the moment all shows are cancelled. Mr E Bear is only leaving the cave for essentials like medicine and coffee - as should you be. This will hopefully change soon. Until then, stay safe, stay home and continue to Please Listen Responsibly.